Electronic faxing – the wave of the future.

Most people know that I like technology. Even though I spend most of my day dealing with brokerage account statements, confirmations, arbitration claims and the like, it is the technology that makes my life easier. When I decided to re-open Marc S. Dobin, P.A. in Jupiter, Florida, I decided that I would use electronic fax technology.

I researched several services and ultimately settled on UnityFax. It is $4.99 per month, which is noticeably cheaper than a telephone line. It gives me unlimited inbound faxes to four email boxes. And, as long as they stay in business, I can move my office as much as I want and never have to change my fax line. The faxes are high quality and, so far, the service has been excellent.

Keep you eyes on this space as I discuss more about how my office is set up.
That’s the view from Jupiter, I’m Marc Dobin.
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