Scott Rothstein gets 50 years. Some victims will get life.

The press has reported that Scott Rothstein received a sentence of 50 years. Unfortunately, what he did to some of his victims will result in a life sentence.

Rothstein is a thief. He ruined peoples’ lives. He stole from innocents. In a profession that works hard to avoid the image of “ambulance chasers” Rothstein hurt the public trust that much more. Even before he was arrested, he represented all that could be bad – the flashy cars, the houses, the flaunting of power and wealth.

His letter to the judge exposed him for who he was. A jealous man envious of those around him who were doing better than he was. Spare me. Is that an excuse to steal? But it is a life lesson about greed and personality. Don’t worry about the toys owned by the person next door or the car next to you coddling its driver. Think about how you can improve your own situation with the tools you possess, not take from others.

Scott Rothstein had a law license, not a license to steal. He used that license to benefit himself and hurt others. This is a sad day for the legal profession as one who did not deserve to be a lawyer has brought shame on a noble calling.

That’s the sad view of one lawyer from Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida.

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