Dobin Law Group, P.A. is run by one basic principle, do right by the client. We place our client’s interest first. We are a litigation firm. We deal in conflict. But we should never waiver from the primary objective, which is to achieve an optimal resolution, either through settlement or hearing, for our client.

Marc S. Dobin, the founder of the firm, has overĀ 25 years experience in securities arbitration, mediation and litigation, both commercial and securities. Dobin Law Group has handled cases involving a wide variety of issues related to the securities business including unauthorized trading, churning unsuitability and fraud claims by public customers, both as a defense and claimant’s representative. Dobin Law Group has represented clients in U-4 and U-5 defamation cases, wrongful termination cases and the defense of stockbrokers and firms in cases involving recruiting, raiding and covenants not to compete.

Dobin Law Group has also handled commercial disputes of various shapes and sizes. We have litigated the ownership of a piece of property. We have litigated various breach of contracts. We even sued a Monkee (not a monkey, a real Monkee) for a client. No two disputes are alike, but they all require zealous representation.

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