A scam email that I just have to share.

I received this one today.  I find it hard to believe that someone would fall for this, but if a woman thinks it’s smart to put their child in the trunk to avoid a car-seat ticket, then I guess there’s someone who would fall for this.

Here’s the email:


Attention Sir/M,

Please if you made any payment to any one in the past or present
through Western Union/Money Gram/Bank Transfer/ for any kind of
transaction contract payment/Inheritance Fund/Lottery Fund/Jackpot/and
so on.

Please you are hereby advised to send a copy of the payment mothered
you used if it’s Western Union/Money Gram or Bank Transfer, Just send
the copy the transaction to prove that you were scammed.

If you don’t keep any record of your payment then send to him the email
you have being receiving from the people or any office it maybe, That
will enable us to verify and then approve your compensation of
$800.000.00 USD. As it was instructed by the (UNN) Chairman to pay the
sum of USD$800.000.00 to each of the scam victim person,


So isn’t that great news?  The UNN Chairman has authorized payments of $800,000 to victims of scams.  I think the UNN is like the UN, except twice as good, hence the two “N”s.  Almost makes me wish I was a scam victim.  Now if I could only figure out what a “payment mothered” is.

These emails had slowed down for a while, but they’ve picked up again.  Maybe it was summer break.  The latest rash of emails contain requests for legal representation, sometimes just an amorphous request.  Other times, the inquirer is looking to start a collection lawsuit.  This is a scam that has actually worked on some unsuspecting lawyers.

Some tips.  If the English is bad, ignore the email.  If the email address is a free email service but the person writing to you claims to be from a large international corporation, ignore the email.  If the sender wants you to engage in a transaction that makes no sense for your type or size of practice, ignore the email.

Practice safe out there.

That’s the view of one lawyer from Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida.  I’m Marc Dobin.

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