Aaron Rents computers, and spies on its customers?

I found this shocking. Aaron Rents, a leading renter of furniture, computers and office stuff, is involved in controversy related to computers it rents. Similar to a controversy last year, where a school district in Pennsylvania was turning on laptop webcams remotely, Aaron’s was apparently doing something similar.

Here’s a new twist, I think. At least one article I read stated that the remote capability was hardwired into the computer. This means that a user would probably not even be able to tell that the computer could spy on him or her. It supposedly could be deactivated with a wand.

This raises all kinds of issues, in my humble opinion. Would this be a violation of the Florida Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act? Does it constitute an invasion of privacy. What Federal laws might have been violated? What other Florida state laws might have been violated? These are all interesting questions that will ultimately get sorted out.

But in the meantime, I remain amazed once again. That’s all from this Lawyer from Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida. I’m Marc Dobin.

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