Breaking up is hard to do – Untangling one’s self in the Internet world.

Here’s something that one didn’t worry about 10 years ago. I am trying to unwind myself from Internet links that use my name and refer to my former firm. There is, Findlaw, Avvo and Justia just to name a few. And that is only the legal-specific sites.

Then there are sites that aggregate data and repeat it on their own site. Sites like Jigsaw, Spoke and others try to piece things together for the user.
And, of course, there are the social networking sites. Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo are the ones I have used the most. So I had to remember usernames and passwords for those (I remember my Facebook and LinkedIn, my Plaxo was a little more difficult) and change all the info.
It’s been said that a couple breaks up when they delete each other’s phone numbers from their phone (of course, this does not appear to be the course of conduct for Tiger Woods). In my case, simply re-establishing my web identity, separate and apart from my former firm, is just another part of the process.
That’s the view from Jupiter in lovely Palm Beach County – I’m Marc Dobin
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