Google adds telephone calls to Gmail and Gmail Voice

I love technology. It usually makes my life easy. I love saving money. I love technology that helps me save money. And I must add that I am a big Google fan. I have a Gmail account. I have a Google Voice number. My business email is hosted by Google.

I noticed something new in my Gmail account today. It told me, in the Chat section, that I could make telephone calls with my Gmail chat client. I tried it. I called my friend, Joel Beck in Atlanta to try it out. He remarked that I sounded like I was on a good quality speakerphone. In effect, I was. I was using the microphone on my laptop and the speakers on my desk.

Joel sounded great. Then we did Google video chat. Unfortunately, there’s only so much a webcam can do for the subject (sorry Joel). Google has said that it will keep the service free through the end of the year and then see what happens.

That’s the technological view of one lawyer from Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida. I’m Marc Dobin.

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