The latest cold caller, “Mark Sinclair”

So, once again, a cold caller braved the telephone tree to call me. He said his name was “Mark Sinclair.” He told me he was calling from “Myers Associates.” I asked him how to spell the company’s name. He said it was Myers. I can’t find a “Myers Associates” in FINRA’s database.

I can find a Meyers Associates LLP in FINRA’s database. But there is no Mark Sinclair listed as registered in their New York office. There is no person with the name Sinclair in their office. And that appears to be their only office. So I’m not sure where he called from and he blocked his caller ID (first sign of trouble).

So here’s what Mark Sinclair, if that is his real name, told me. He told me that I spoke to someone else from his firm (highly doubtful, if not completely untrue) and that person made a recommendation to me (completely untrue). Mark was calling to follow up with me. How thoughtful is that? A guy I don’t know called me from a firm I’ve never heard of to follow up on a non-existent stock pick. I’m “honored.”

I, of course, asked “Mark” if he had looked me up on the Internet. Of course, he hadn’t. I asked him if he knew what I did for a living. He told me he didn’t. Then I told him. Then I hung up.

Do people fall for this stuff? I guess they must or these guys wouldn’t keep calling. I wish they would stop.

That’s the annoyed and bemused view of one lawyer from Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida. I’m Marc Dobin.

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