We lost another good person who happened to be a lawyer – Bill Nortman

I couldn’t bring myself to send another email blast with bad news. But I could not let Bill’s passing go by without noting it.

I didn’t know Bill until I came to Florida in 1993. I always liked dealing with him. He clearly knew a lot about the securities business and had the respect of his peers. I even hired his paralegal (who had a very long commute to the Fort Lauderdale office) and he wished us both well.

But that wasn’t the part that I liked most. We had occasion to meet Bill and his wife at several FSDA functions. First, it was clear he was a genuinely nice guy. We had similar taste in cars (except he seemed to be able to afford his). And he was clearly devoted to his family. We met his kids and I remember (I think) seeing pictures or hearing of at least one grandchild.

That, to me, was as important as his legal skills. Lots of people are good lawyers. It is the true testament to a person’s character when they don’t let their career ruin their family relationships. It was obvious, at least to me anyway, that Bill pulled it off.

But Bill, of course, had a professional family, too. Those with whom he worked closely and those with whom he had developed personal relationships. All of those people will miss Bill.

I don’t have much more to say. I hope I don’t have to write anything else like this in 2016.

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