A rookie cold caller – Michael Valeri from Lampert Capital Markets, Inc.

Mike Valeri from Lampert Capital Markets just called me.  He said we spoke a long time ago and that I said I already had too many brokers in New York.

Of course, both of these are untrue statements.  First, Mike Valeri has only been registered since October.  So his definition of a “long time ago” must be different than mine.

Second, because we never spoke, there’s no way I could have told him that I had too many brokers in New York, since I have no brokers in New York and haven’t had any brokers in New York in close to 20 years.

Then he asked me if I had an account with John Thomas Financial, which I didn’t.

He then told me that he must have the wrong guy.  At least he got that right.

Good luck with your cold-calling career, Mike.  Maybe you could get a job as a storyteller, too.

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