Welcome to Anthony Aiello at Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd, the latest cold call cowboy.

Today’s entrant in the cold caller race is Anthony Aiello.  Anthony hails from New York, of course, and works for Laidlaw & Company.

Anthony tried to remind me of a phone call we had “last April” where he supposedly gave me a stock recommendation.  He didn’t give me any such recommendation and we had no such conversation.

Interestingly, he claims to have notes where he wrote down that we spoke.  Even more interesting is that he didn’t work for Laidlaw then, he was with another firm.  He didn’t tell me “I was with another firm, then, maybe you remember that firm” or anything of that nature.  He just flat out told me about a conversation that didn’t happen.

It boggles my mind that FINRA allows these people to have licenses.  They’re so busy worrying about the big splashy headlines that they ignore the hand-to-hand combat that takes place over the phone all over the country.  Someone is training these cold-callers that it is OK to make things up during a conversation.  How is that proper?  Or do these guys (haven’t had a woman cold-caller yet) simply decide that the mark on the other end of the phone is too busy to remember what conversations they had 9 months ago?  Incredible.

As regular readers of this blog know, Anthony is not the first cold caller and I doubt he will be the last.  Maybe he’ll learn from this encounter and decide to make money in an ethical manner.  After all, he only graduated from college in May 2012.  I have socks with more experience.

That’s the “you interrupted my lunch for this?” view of one lawyer from Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida.  I’m Marc Dobin.  Don’t call me.

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