An interesting cold call from someone claiming to be Bob Mullic from Murphy Financial Group

So the phone rang up “Unkown” on the Caller ID. I answered. It was a higher-pitched male voice who identified himself as “Bob Mullic.” He reminded me that we spoke before and I told him to call me back with some ideas. Since I am not senile, I knew he was lying. While we were talking, suddenly “Bob” lowered his voice an octave and had a different accent. I thought “well this is different.”

We continued the conversation and new Bob told me that Murphy Financial Group has 500 offices. Even more interesting. I tried to look him up on Brokercheck and couldn’t find him. I asked him why his phone number wasn’t properly displayed on my Caller ID. He said he always calls “private” and there’s nothing wrong with that. I told him that FINRA would beg to differ.

I tried to ask him his address and callback number but the line went dead.

So, as a public service, if you get a call from one of two men named “Bob Mullic”, ask them to call me so I can have their address and phone number. I’m sure a regulator would like to chat with them.

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